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by Chris McNulty

A method specifically designed for jazz vocal musicians utilizing a system of tetrachords as a tool for integrating theory, ear training and improvisation.


Utilizing Tetrachords

Singers! Have you ever wanted to feel more equipped to nail every scale and chord shape on call? See a set of chord changes and quickly recognize what scales to use to help you improvise more freely and confidently? This methodology provides a set of resource tools which allow for greater freedom and accuracy in vocal jazz improvisation. Doing this work will also increase your knowledge of theory, enhance your composing and reading skills and most importantly empower you to become a more complete and independent vocal musicians.

“Wow, this book is fantastic! It´s like taking a core music course that has everything you need to become a well-rounded, versatile musician”

Bob Stoloff, Former Associate Professor at Berklee College


“With heart and soul, passion and technique, Chris McNulty has answered the question many students have asked of me, ‘Darryl, can you teach me how to scat? Improvise? Sing?’ This book is a comprehensive stepwise approach that will prove invaluable in the development of today’s singers. I have longed for a pedagogy this rich. Brilliantly structured and clearly presented in her sophisticated yet accessible methodology, VCM will be required reading for those students who ask, the few who don’t, as well as the ones who are acrobatically riffing and running through a handful of cliched pop melismas. Thank you, Chris. Young singers in search of a voice need this book. You are the compleat musician!”

- Darryl Tookes

Composer, singer, pianist, educator,
Tisch School of the Arts, NYU; Purchase College, SUNY


“Congratulations to Chris McNulty on this fantastic book. An innovative, practical method for vocalists (and other instrumentalists) to develop their improvising skills, from the perspective of a great jazz vocalist.”

- Nick Haywood

Jazz musician, Senior Lecturer, Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania


“A most concise, well structured, and easy to understand book for all vocalists (and instrumentalists!) who want to become versatile, have more confidence, and be better overall musicians. Chris McNulty’s Vocalist As Complete Musician is a comprehensive and engaging method designed to help you hear, sing, and play music on a deeper level. Practicing these exercises WILL really enhance HOW you hear, sing, and play music!”

- Dena DeRose

Jazz Vocalist and Pianist, Jazz Voice Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria


“Vocalist as Complete Musician” opens singers ears with a fresh new method of ear training, opening up a palette of new note choices, you’ll actually “Hear and Use.” Practicing licks and scales without using them over a song doesn’t stick. Chris McNulty’s tetra chord method guides you through a song using all the harmonies you’ll ever want to hear!”

- Roseanna Vitro

Grammy Nominated Jazz Singer, Educator and Journalist


“With the publication of Vocalist As Complete Musician: Utilizing Tetrachords, Chris has generously shared the personal methodology that has enabled her to develop a unique style and solid musicianship. If you systematically study this book, which will take time and effort, you can eventually put the materials together in your own way, which is what every great jazz musician has done throughout time. Thank you dear Chris, for giving us the opportunity to expand our ears and mind and to find note choices and colors that we hadn’t previously thought of!!!”

- Suzanne Pittson

Vocalist, Pianist, Educator
Assistant Professor of Jazz Vocal Studies, The City College of New York


“If Chris McNulty’s singing, both live and recorded, is any reflection of her own expertise on the tetrachord method of improvisation, then this book can help you and your students, too! Chris is a world class jazz singer, and this is priceless musical instruction for any singer who wants to infuse their singing with improvisation, whether re-melodizing a song with lyrics, or scat singing. Brava Chris!”

- Amy London

Jazz Vocalist and Educator. Motema recording artist
Jazz Faculty, New School, City College; Hofstra University; Jazz House, Mannes Prep, New York 

VCM Workshops

Workshops presented by award winning jazz vocalist Chris McNulty, for Students, Teachers and Professional Vocalists and Singers.