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by Chris McNulty

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“This recording, the tune selections, my two compositions and the treatment concept, all took place before my beautiful beloved and cherished son, Sam departed this world (July 16th, 2011). Nothing has been changed or altered in any way. My composition “Long Road Home – The Song that Sings you Here” was completed in 2008. The title for this recording was chosen in 2010. As I listen back now, it strikes me that much of this album sounds like it was conceived after Sam left us. I have no explanation for this except to say that every song I sing, I sing for him. I sing him here, always.”
— Chris McNulty

A rich, expressive voice soaked in swing and blues. An ability to improvise that’s straight from the heart. Wonderfully expressive, demonstrating soaring confidence. Her intonation and articulation are commanding. Liquid phrasing, luminous tone, a voice of serene beauty and striking veracity.

Release Date: 2013


“In the charged company of her small band, McNulty proves worthy of a frontline instrument on rhythm tunes and bright tempos.  The delicate melodic improvising [she] floats on Horace Silver’s “Lonely Woman” is focused and finely wrought.  McNulty plays with rhythm authoritatively; there’s not a hesitant note or second guessed choice to be heard.  Her own title tune is a quietly intense lover’s plea wrapped in liquid glisses and keening rhythm.”  4 stars
— Kirk Silsbee, Downbeat Magazine April 2013

“Australian-born New Yorker Chris McNulty is a classy singer in the classic style, emoting from the heart and giving the lyrics their full meaning, but more than capable of mixing it with the band and improvising with the best of them.”  4 stars
— Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times, February 2013

“…a terrific ability to trace serpentine routes.  On “Lonely Woman” and “Last Night When We Were Young” she tempers the prevailing melancholy with an undercurrent of hope-fueled anticipation, resulting in a fascinating sense of looking simultaneously backward and forward.”
—Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes March 2013

“…the singers story telling gift has you hanging on every phrase. She also contributes  a brace of songs – the first, the hauntingly beautiful “Letter to Marta”, the second “Long Road Home – The Song That Sings You Here”, features jazz singing of the highest order. McNulty has never sounded more at ease with her mastery.”
— Peter Quinn, Jazz Wise UK March 2013

“Australian-born vocalist McNulty has a wide range and sings with strength and great clarity. Although her approach is strong and upfront she is a lyrical stylist and she integrates well into the band to make this a seamless performance with the voice working as one of the instruments. Her expressive style makes the listener aware of the words and the thoughts behind them and convinces that she is expressing herself through them.” 5 stars
— Derek Ansell, Jazz Journal May 2013

“Need a five star vocal CD? Ten tracks of superior jazz singing.”
— Don Albert May 2013

“A beautifully personal record that swings and sways with the best of them, The Song That Sings You Here is a treat for those looking for some kind of truth. McNulty’s vocals are warm and involving, revealing spheres of love, loss and mystery through these 10 special songs.”
— Jordan Richardson, Something Else! Reviews, January 2013

“An absolute must for any jazz vocal fan, this is a winner throughout.”
— Midwest Record, December 2012

“An incredibly moving yet somehow delightfully entertaining session that will long be remembered after the last note fades out. One of the most beautiful vocal records that I have heard in years.”
— Brent Black,, December 2012


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Chris McNulty in collaboration with gifted Australian orchestrator, Steve Newcomb celebrates the life of her son, Sam in this breathtaking new release. 

As passionate and stirring as it is groundbreaking in style and originality.

A soulful vocalist with a soaring, sensuous quality, a sly, seasoned delivery and natural sense of swing.

As passionate and stirring as it is groundbreaking in style and originality.

Some of Chris’s favorite standards rendered with the elegance and sophistication fans have come to expect. 


Chris possesses a rich, full voice, of which she is in total control. She is a great interpreter of lyrics and she swings.

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