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by Chris McNulty

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On her new and 5th release Dance Delicioso, Chris McNulty has done it again. A joyful dance, the music flows like a river, taking the listener along for a ride through sonic storytelling at its best. Dance Delicioso stays in the mind and begs for repeated listening. Featuring jazz luminaries Mulgrew Miller on piano, Gary Bartz and Gary Thomas on saxophones, Billy Hart on drums, Ugonna Okegwo on bass, and Paul Bollenback on guitars among others.

McNulty’s alluring title track “Dance Delicioso” crosses over between storytelling, world music sensibility and top notch jazz improvisation. Her poignant portrayals of her original “Last Farewell” and the Irish folk ballad “He Moves Through The Fair” are delicately woven among jump-for-joy versions of the classic standards “All of You” and “Star Eyes”. The truly trance-like “Meaning of the Blues” serves as the thread to round out this remarkable listening experience.


Truly a jazz recording for the new millennium, Dance Delicioso was released July 12th 2005.


“A soulful vocalist with a soaring, sensuous quality, a sly, seasoned delivery and natural sense of swing, Chris McNulty imparts her own unique magic interpreting jazz standards, as she showcased so confidently on last year‘s Remember You…. McNulty distinguishes

herself as one of the elite jazz singers on the scene….”

– Bill Milkowski, April 2005

“Eloquent, expressive and extremely exciting. Chris McNulty is without doubt an inspirational jazz singer.”

– Mike Pinfold, co-author On Jazz Singing, March 2005

“Jazz singer Chris McNulty gets right to the work of jazz & vocal horn lines with her singular take of the cogent Cole Porter original, 'All Of You.' Chris stretches & soars in & out of the lyric, harmony, & melody, et al. Through it all, the tune emerges whole. This is a girl who can tear a song apart viably in front of your very ears .... And, what a joyful noise she makes as the musical pieces break off & hit our senses beautifully.” 

– George W. Carroll/The Musicians' Ombudsman, Jul 09, 2005

“...True talent is rare, but it's clear that Ms. McNulty has it in spades... along with a joy for singing that communicates to the listener without her having to try (or so it sounds). You won't find an album quite as timeless again this year, I'll bet you... if you love great jazz vocals, you'll HAVE to get this one! This gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears, as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "best female jazz vocals". Cool jazz, but with vigor!” 

– Dick Metcalf – Improvijazzation Nation, June 2005

"....she is triply blessed with not only an exquisite instrument and a breezy sense of swing, she is an excellent songwriter as well...her expressive passionate voice shines's a wide variety of styles but McNulty proves she has the voice, timing and musical moxie to pull it off."

Robert A. Lindquist, Singer Musician, Oct,, 2005

“...Chris McNulty's new CD, Dance Delicioso is mighty impressive. She's truly a gifted singer with a distinctive mix of slick professionalism and spontaneous ebullience.”

Ken Smith, July 2005

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Chris McNulty in collaboration with gifted Australian orchestrator, Steve Newcomb celebrates the life of her son, Sam in this breathtaking new release. 

A rich, expressive voice soaked in swing and blues. An ability to improvise that’s straight from the heart.

A soulful vocalist with a soaring, sensuous quality, a sly, seasoned delivery and natural sense of swing.

As passionate and stirring as it is groundbreaking in style and originality.

Some of Chris’s favorite standards rendered with the elegance and sophistication fans have come to expect. 


Chris possesses a rich, full voice, of which she is in total control. She is a great interpreter of lyrics and she swings.

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