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by Chris McNulty

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Featuring a collection of some of Chris's favourite standards rendered with the elegance and sophistication fans have come to expect from this singer since her arrival in the States in 1988 from Australia. Her renditions of ballads such as Lost in the Stars, I Loves you Porgy and I Will Say Goodbye alone are worth the price of this one. An enormously effective ballad singer who also manages to have a great sense of swing. Check out Centrepiece and I Thought About You. Leitch, Bartz and Hicks are all wonderful here.

Release Date: 1996



"This is what a "jazz" voice recording should be shooting for. Here is a real "jazz" vocalist" - Gary Bartz 2/2002

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire never danced to Cheek to Cheek the way McNulty sang it...she took it uptown...." - Kevin Jones, The Australian, Sydney

She tackles songs more as a horn player.. substituting.. varying her placement.. much like an instrumentalist, keeping faith with song" - Concert Review, Adrian Jackson, THE AGE,

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Chris McNulty in collaboration with gifted Australian orchestrator, Steve Newcomb celebrates the life of her son, Sam in this breathtaking new release. 

A rich, expressive voice soaked in swing and blues. An ability to improvise that’s straight from the heart.

A soulful vocalist with a soaring, sensuous quality, a sly, seasoned delivery and natural sense of swing.

As passionate and stirring as it is groundbreaking in style and originality.

Some of Chris’s favorite standards rendered with the elegance and sophistication fans have come to expect. 


Chris possesses a rich, full voice, of which she is in total control. She is a great interpreter of lyrics and she swings.

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