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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Clancye Milne Vocalist-educator, Melbourne, Australia

“With a stellar performance career behind her, Chris McNulty has packaged her years of industry experience, composition, practice and learning into a clear and practical publication ‘Vocalist as Complete Musician’. Her approach is both accessible to beginners and applicable for advanced improvisors. McNulty has created a wholistic approach to the somewhat overwhelming realm of improvisation. She has created an achievable method that connects the abstract elements of music and outlines fundamental components that build towards the vocal navigation of jazz harmony. Her method guides the vocalist through clear steps, empowering them to consciously apply their theoretical knowledge. The exercises are supported by an audio component that gives the student a fantastic platform to practice the content covered in each chapter. McNulty’s passion and love of music is truly apparent in her generous and encouraging writing. This is an outstanding book, that I have found extremely useful, not only through my teaching but also in my personal vocal development.”


Rachel HeadSpecialist Lecturer in Contemporary Voice, Open Conservatorium, QLD, Griffith University. CCM Voice Teacher and Vocalist, Brisbane, Australia.

“Chris McNulty’s VCM method is a fantastic  journey through modal improvisation for jazz novices and experienced singers alike.  The book is so clearly and logically thought out beginners won’t feel overwhelmed and even the most seasoned jazz professional will find something to pique their interest.I’m just getting started on my jazz journey, but I feel by working through this method I’m advancing quickly, and with a very thorough understanding of the theory behind Chris’s tetrachord approach that will stand me in good stead for many a gig to come!”

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