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The Big Move to Gallop House, Perth

As some of you may already know, along with five other Australian composers I'm the recipient of the 2019 Bundanon Trust, Prelude Composer-in-Residence award. I moved to Gallop House from Melbourne on January 2nd and am slowly settling into marvellous Perth which I'm delighted to learn has another best kept secret - glorious weather accompanied by a stunning cool breeze that blows in daily, appropriately named the Fremantle Doctor. Gallop House is located in the beautiful suburb of Dalkeith overlooking the deliciously wide and blue Swan River. A golden opportunity for any creative musician indeed! I hope to get lots of work done seeing I'll be here for the entire year. A little about what's been happening thus far.

bundanon trust chris mcnulty 2019 jazz musician composer residence
Bundanon Trust adventures!

After an intense exit from Melbourne....

I can honestly say that even though the first few weeks have flown by, I'm also experiencing a feeling of time standing still. There's a less harried feeling of urgency about everything here. The gift of being able to process and create from a more stilled place is working!!! Already completed one composition. Met and played with a couple of very fine young musicians and caught up with several dear friends and colleagues. So much going on with the the Perth Fringe festival followed by the Perth Festival. Looking forward to catching lots of diverse music, dance, fine arts and writers events. Right now Perth doesn't feel too far from anywhere. In fact it feels like just the place to be.


Some pics from the first few weeks

  • A view from the steps

  • Meeting Micaela from the WA National Trust

  • Meeting Ange and Ben's bubba boy MAX for the first time

  • Session with Ben Matthews and Jesse Byron-Carter

  • Jazz's excellent selfie with our ultra cheeky Kooka

  • Hanging with singer-songwriter Georgie Aue

It's even more glorious than this image captures
Gallop House looking up from the Swan River

The beautiful Micaela from WA National Trust

Getting a cuddle with Maxee II

Lovely to play with these awesome dudes
Two wonderful young Perth musicians, bassist, Jesse Byron-Carter & pianist, Ben Matthews

Can't get enough of this little fella!

Awesome hang with Georgie Aue

Jazz's amazing selfie with our cheeky Kooka!

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