VCM Going Global

Whether you’re an institution looking to add VCM-the-book –  “Vocalist As Complete Musician”  to your library collection or a high school/college looking to have VCM-the-workshop presented to your students and teachers, VCM is moving out into regional areas and globally over the next few months. For BOOKING and PURCHASING Information please visit the VCM page here at VCM-the-book or contact us at

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VCM introduces a method specifically designed for vocal educators, students and professionals which utilizes tetrachords as a tool for integrating music theory, ear training and improvisation. The method can be used as a teaching devise and resource tool by educators to help improve outcomes for vocal students (and instrumentalists). Vocalists are provided with a set of tools which assist in developing keener listening skills and a deeper capacity for hearing and understanding harmony, allowing them to progress and compete more successfully with their fellow instrumentalists. VCM was created to provide vocal musicians with a set of tools that support, empower and engender more confidence and independence, not only leading to more successful outcomes throughout their studies but hopefully to richer, more rewarding experiences and careers as creative vocal musicians.