VCM – The Book

LAUNCHING AUGUST 2017 – A method specifically designed for jazz vocal musicians utilizing a system of tetrachords as a tool for integrating theory, ear training and improvisation.

ENDORSEMENTS – “With heart and soul, passion and technique, Chris McNulty has answered the question many students have asked of me, ‘Darryl, can you teach me how to scat? Improvise? Sing?’ This book is a comprehensive …… read more


Singers! Have you ever wanted to feel more equipped to nail every scale and chord shape on call? See a set of chord changes and quickly recognize what scales to use to help you improvise more freely and confidently? This methodology provides a set of resource tools which allow for greater freedom and accuracy in vocal jazz improvisation. Doing this work will also increase your knowledge of theory, enhance your composing and reading skills and most importantly empower you to become a more complete and independent vocal musicians.

CLICK HERE for a series of short videos where Chris explains more about her method.


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